About us

Coops plastics

Flexible, reliable, customer-oriented, fast service: they are words we frequently hear when asking our customers why Coops continues to be their first choice. They are encouraging words and we take pride in them. Yet we are particularly proud of our customers’ loyalty. Loyalty that extends to years. Personal contact proves to be our strongest point in that respect. It is an important reason for the continuous growth that we have enjoyed in the past years. In addition to our smart service, we only work with ISO-accredited suppliers. This means you are always guaranteed the highest quality in plastic sheeting.

Modern facilities

We are highly dynamic and regularly invest in new cutting equipment. In addition, we continue to develop logistical solutions that enable us to supply even faster. We employ professionally competent staff at every step in the production process. They are the subject of our continuous care, as we think it is important that everyone has the opportunity to work in the best possible conditions.  For example, we pursue the most effective and efficient method of operation in all areas.

Want to find out more about our production process and the possibilities that we offer? Feel free to call or mail us for an appointment.