Many plastics in our range can be easily recycled. Coops has set up various return flows for this purpose. This process is completely circular.

Waste or surplus is ground up and then used to make new sheet material. At Coops this is available under our 'recyclastic' programme. Recyclable sheets are extensively tested and used where there is a specific demand.

The recyclastic programme is set up in cooperation with worldwide producers, but focuses mainly on local recycling programmes.

Our recycling programme is already green.  We are constantly working to make this process ever greener. So here too, we pay attention to packaging materials, paperless ordering, the shortest possible transport routes, etc.

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Road construction

A special programme has been set up within Coops Kunststoffen specifically for noise barriers. Our noise barriers can be found all over Europe along motorways and railway tracks. Always specifically adapted to the demand in the area where they are needed. There are screens with bird stripes, with curved edges, in combination with green screens and so on.

We are proud of the latest addition to our range: acrylic with PA inclusion. Thanks to good worldwide contacts, we are able to offer this material at very competitive rates. This screen offers extra safety, on bridges, viaducts and vulnerable places. The lines work in the same way as safety glass.

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